Sweater #167

On Friday, I had the wonderful opportunity to travel to Colorado Springs and visit Table Rock Llama Studios which is a mecca for natural dye processes and spinning materials.  Along with a yarn shop, they also provide classes and instruction for interested parties wanting to learn more about the wonderful traditions of fiber processes such as felting, spinning, dyeing and weaving.  While en route, I placed this sweater at the end of terminal 4 in Sky Harbor as the sun was rising.  Adjacent to this placement was a great icon of tourist destinations.  I couldn’t resist capturing this image as well.  I am hoping that this will inspire the person who meandered through the area to take a closer look not only at the sweater but also the beautiful sights that abound the desert landscape.  And of course, I hope that the sweater will inspire other grandiose actions such as a donation to the National Coalition for the Homeless.

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