Sweater #168

Patt placed sweater #168 at her local post office on the table that everyone uses to sort and prepare mail. Patt writes, “Most of the residents do not get mail delivery, so almost everyone visits the post office daily.  We stand at those two tables and sort our mail, throwing out unwanted flyers and often mail asking for money.  The bins are full of batch mailers asking for donations, but I hoped finding this little sweater would open someone’s heart and wallet for the homeless.” I personally respond to the boxes in the background along with the sterile table on which the sweater is placed.  The cold steel gray industrial environment contrasts sharply with the warm gray tones in the sweater and makes one aware of the anonymity of the identical boxes in the background.  While we all think of ourselves as unique individuals, it’s images like this that reminds you that we are all just a number in the system.  Unfortunately, some numbers just can’t participate in the fabric of society, and we have to provide the resources to assist these individuals.  Thanks Patt for showcasing a sweater that highlights this need!

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Filed under Art, Found Objects

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