Sweater #170

It is photos like these that are sent into ARTivention that showcase what a great community based project Found Objects have become.  Knitters from all over the country who meet on a regular basis have sent contributions to the blog and have shared many stories of their groups and places that they knit.  The sense of community abounds among the knitters and crocheters and others who partake in many of the “craft” oriented fields of production which is why this project has been so much fun to promote as it highlights this amazing trait.  Patt has taken a picture of one of her placed sweaters at a local coffee shop called Blue Sky where a regular group meets and knits things of all kinds.  Patt writes, “We pretty much take over the place every week but his mother, who is 87, relocated here last year and he knew she’d enjoy our group.  He even brought sweaters she knit for him years ago to show us and has displayed  them there (you can see them in the background on the left).  I wanted to leave a sweater there since we have such a positive relationship with them, so I placed it on the shelf where they display awards they’ve received (they’re also a nursery and landscapers, so the outside is full of plants to buy) and near Dorothy’s beautiful sweaters. In the picture with the knitting group, the sweater is way in the back, hard to see, but I wanted you to see the group (and my friend Leann Nassar with dark hair and glasses in the back is holding up her little sweater she’ll be placing soon).  We’re really enjoying doing this and everyone loves seeing us knitting these teeny sweaters.”  Thanks everyone!

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