Sweater #173

This sweater was placed at the only remaining Amtrak station in AZ.  I wanted to commemorate the method of transportation that introduced the Sonoran desert to me almost 20 years ago.  However, instead of Maricopa, AZ, the train brought me to central Phoenix and then picked me up in Flagstaff taking me to California.  Transit places are such a fascination as we refer to homeless often as transients.  Of course, since living in AZ, I have also heard this term used for illegal immigrants.  While the words transit and transient mean different things, they both have the common root word that denotes a sense of temporality and lack of permanence.  And, while I had the pleasure of traveling and being in transit temporarily, others live a constant life full of continual transition and lack of stability.  The train reminds me of that moment in time when I lived a different life going from one moment to another without the notion of home or permanence when one travels.

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