Sweater #175

As it is Valentine’s Day (or at least when I was able to finally post this!), I wanted to highlight this found piece in a thrift store in Mesa, AZ.  Similar to the little sweaters knitted for NCH, this framed find captures a sense of wonder and awe for me.  Upon first glance, it appears that this was crocheted for a doll, yet it has been framed which somehow changes how we interact with this object.  But the love and care that went into the making of this blue and white cape is evident. While I am not sure if the finder of the knitted sweater I placed in this menagerie will be able to see that it is meant to be taken and not purchased, I still felt that it was a great place.  The artist in me also can’t help but think about the composition of the photograph with the yellow candle stick that draws the viewer’s attention to the yellow square in the sweater. If, per chance the finder does  purchase the sweater from this thrift store, I do hope that they also make a donation for a good cause.

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Filed under Found Objects, Knitting

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