Repost of Sweater #165 and #171

Okay, so as I might have guessed there arose such a clatter when two of the sweaters were placed previously.  You can check the older post entries for these two sweaters, but fortunately, they were kept and handed back to the knitter/placer and are seen here reposted in their new temporary home.  How ironic a situation,  as I bet there are quite a few folks struggling with stable housing that probably feel similarly about inappropriate placement and not being visible.  While the reason for the re-placement of these sweaters is quite logical and reasonable, and well within the right of the person who found them, it just is another outcome that seems to have relevance to the project.  Kathy knit this sweater next to the green lantern and it was placed by Terri at her local hair salon.  Anytime I get my hair done, I always feel extremely fortunate and luxurious visiting a person who is willing to attempt a beautification of overgrown hair. The second image was knitted by Terri and placed at her local big box store–you know the one that always has something you didn’t know you even needed and great deals to boot?  Yeah, that one.  Anyway, I find the placement hilarious as it just points out how flipped out we are as a culture.

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