Sweater #183

Today, I was listening to the radio about the mass exodus of Libyans into Tunisia and the increase of tent cities emerging along the border of the Mediterranean.  I then thought of the tent cities in Phoenix that house the inmates by Sheriff Joe Arpaio. While some may argue that these denizens deserve the least amount of comfort, others can argue that living in a tent is obviously not one’s first choice of living conditions.  And, while researching images for presentations, I have found many compelling images of various tent compounds.  One is a tent city in Reno Nevada (photo credit Max Whittaker/Getty Images) in October of 2008.  The second is an image from a Somali refugee camp in Kenya.  While the tent city images are from two different cultures and opposite sides of the globe, they serve the same purpose of providing temporary comfort. And, yet, while all of this continues beyond our borders or within, there will continuously be stores such as Ikea providing consumers with more opportunities to buy inexpensive items that are often seen as disposable–except that with the purchased goods, we can make the allusion that all is permanent, when in reality, we are all temporal.

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