Sweater #184

I had a difficult time finding a place to situate this sweater today.  I was in Old Town Scottsdale which is home to the tourist driven market as well as some great venues to see art, in particular the Scottsdale Museum for Contemporary Art.  As this is the height of tourist season what with spring training games and spring breaks beginning all around the country, I wanted to take this opportunity to engage with an already engaged public.  However, when I came across the AZ Real Estate School, I was stumped.  I wanted to place the sweater as seen here where obviously people sit during breaks, however, not a single person was around.  I’m guessing that the real estate market isn’t exactly booming with new jobs.  So, after taking this photo, I decided to re-position the sweater to a nearby bench that is on the corner not far from this site on Marshall Way which happens to be the beginning of the art gallery district of all the western inspired nostalgia any person could want.  People were strolling by, enjoying the warmer than usual temperatures, and heading over to the Scottsdale public art festival taking place down the street.  It was hard to believe that just on the other side of the Pacific Ocean, hundreds lost their life and many more lost homes in the horrendous tsunami that Hokusai’s prints so accurately depict.

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