Sweater #185

As I am very far behind my projected 365 placements by May 7th, I am going to attempt to make two posts per day.  We’ll just see how that goes, as it happens that life often leads us down paths that we would not think otherwise possible in the world of full time employment and raising a family.  However, I love my job and am more than thrilled to have one during this economic crisis we are in, so with this grateful mindset, I placed this sweater at Shadow Rock UCC church in north central Phoenix last Sunday.  This exquisite church sits atop a mountain that overlooks the entire north valley and surrounding mountain ranges.  It’s difficult not to feel full of wonder and awe while in the presence of such beauty.  I also found that the word “Sanctuary” on the upper left of this image is very appropriate as it summarizes what many people need who don’t have an adequate place to stay.  While in the biblical sense of this definition this word depicts a place of worship and refrain from worldly concerns, I felt it also defines what architecture can aspire to become, both spiritually and physically.

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