Sweater #186

Terri contributed this sweater and found that it was an ideal place for people’s attention.  While taking her ailing pet to the vet, I am sure Terri was thinking about the care that is extended to pets and how many people who have no health insurance would struggle to provide adequate pet care as well.  In a state that just took away over 50 years of work in providing workers equal rights and fair pay, I can only imagine that it will only get more difficult to provide for our needs as well as our pets needs in the coming future.  Yes, I’m on a soap box, and I don’t care.  When are we going to wake up to the fact that balancing budgets can’t be done on the straw backs of the workers?  Is it just me, or are we reverting to medieval times of taxation without representation? If you aren’t in touch with your representatives yet, now is the time to speak out, before our voice disappears.

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  1. Mary Breen

    Happy to read words from a person who thinks and feels like I do.
    Keep on saying it like it is: punishing the workers while passing tax breaks onto the rich. Is America turning into an oligarchy? If you have read “Screwed”, by Thom Hartmann, you will see the deterioration of our economy with the loss of the manufacturing base, outsourcing of jobs, etc.
    Now we see the rich, like the Koch brothers, want squash the civil rights of workers. But that was not the only nasty item in the bill Dead Man Walker signed the other day. Pay attention, this is not about any budget. It’s about control, money and control.

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