Sweater #187

While walking around the tourist trappings of Old Town of Scottsdale trying to find a place for a sweater, I came across this beautiful old mission building.  Our Lady of Perpetual Help was constructed from 1931-33 using 6,000 hand constructed adobe bricks. It served the parish as a church until 1956 when the parish outgrew the church and moved down the way a bit.  The mission is still used today for various functions as well as a historical monument to the combined histories of both the Catholic faith and the traditional Spanish inspired architecture that dots the southwest and west coast.  It is ironic that this symbol of Spanish colonialism sits at a prominent site in a state that is heavily anti-immigration reform and opposes all illegal immigrants with the bill that was passed last year, SB1070. I found it was an ideal placement for this sweater, as I feel we all are in need of perpetual help to become recognized, welcomed, accepted and seen as individuals within a larger community that also includes racial and socio-economic diversity.

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Filed under Architecture, Found Objects

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