An Amazing Moment

Patt, Maggie and Leann from left to right in Half Moon Bay, CA.

This project has done more than  raise awareness for homeless issues that face many Americans.  It has done more than filling a self-serving need to produce creative objects, or break down the barriers of an art world full of consumptive collectors, gallerists and curators.  It has confirmed my understanding of what this country is really about, and that is our ability to gather together as a collective group and to share ideas, interests, concerns and passions. This ability that we have as a nation, to come together and individually contribute one small piece of ourselves for a greater good of others, strangers at best, is what makes this nation tick.  It’s what Howard Zinn found compelling enough to write about just a couple of years prior to his passing last year.  The collective action of individuals is what makes transformation, revolution and positive social growth not only a possibility, but a reality.  When I was contacted by a knitter in Half Moon Bay awhile back, I remember thinking how amazing it must be to sit in the cafe every week, gathering with others as they knit away, surrounded by the ocean air and mystical hills of northern California while I was stuck in a very (still) hot October in the desert.  The last thing I wanted to be around was hot, sticky wool.  But the notion that somewhere it was cool, misty and tree laden, made me want to knit even more.  Little did I know that I would actually have the opportunity to meet with Patt and Leann, two of the contributors of the group, to discuss not only historical details of the area, but to also share our lives together for one brief morning.  Thank you for not only participating in this great project, but for also sharing your time with a traveling circus of 3 kids, myself and my husband!

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