Sweater #190

Spring is in the air across the country, which means people are getting out and about.  Terri knitted and placed this sweater at the local library where I happen to know is used by many who even struggle to keep warm during the cold months of winter.  Likewise, it will also be a refuge in the summer (especially when you live in the hot desert) when the cost of cooling a tiny room can be prohibitive. I love finding these community boards.  It’s such a great way to casually interact with potential joiners and activists who want to contribute to a larger community sphere somehow.  The title of the upcoming presentation with our issues with China is also interesting as it poses many questions I am sure many Americans are asking regarding jobs vacating beyond our shoreline.  Open discussion and dialogue is necessary for achieving any kind of change, and while there are many out there that might disagree on how to best manage our public spending, I don’t think that many would support inhumane treatment of individuals who are without shelter and proper nourishment.  Of course, it’s great to use the library as a nexus for dialogue as it is also a symbol of our freedom to acquire information and hopefully in the long run, be more educated and open minded when we sit at the discussion table of disagreement when it comes to matters of social policy.

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