Sweater #191

This sweater was knitted and placed by Pamela and as you can see, highlights the beautiful greens found in these delicious looking apples.  Food is such an interesting placement for these sweaters as of course many people who are still in their homes might be struggling with the ability to provide their family with fresh healthy foods.  This could result in being situated in a food desert, a region that doesn’t provide an actual grocer who provides such foods, or due to cost as people living on fixed incomes also struggle to obtain high quality fresh food.

Photo by Ed Kashi

And, while these apples sit so prettily in their display cases, I can’t help but recall the image in my head of strawberry pickers that I just saw on Highway 1 in California just south of Santa Barbara last week.  This image here is from an article in the Atlantic Monthly that details the life of migrant workers and our food industry.  It’s worth a read as is informative and captures what I witnessed while passing through such areas. The irony of this image is that only a few miles south of these fields filled with hunched over workers are gigantic homes dripping with ostentation as they sit precariously upon the sandy hills overlooking the ocean. But, then again, I am sure the sisters and brothers, mothers or fathers or other distant family members are probably cleaning those homes for nearly identical wages.


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