Sweater #196

Sweater #196 was crocheted by Suzanne Arney.  Her comments are very inspiring, especially as one who has worked in a hospital setting for two years. And as I find that she is an excellent writer, I am just publishing her own words below.

“I crocheted a little sweater in mohair the color of all the daffodils–every shade of yellow, from palest to rich yellow to peach.  I placed it on my birthday, March 31, as both spring and birthdays are about beginnings, which are about hope.  I put it in a row of daffodils that borders the entrance to a hospital nearby.  In 2010 (January – March) and again this year (January – February), my husband was hospitalized.  I watched winter melt into spring, I’d see those daffodils emerge in the still-cold mornings, and survive despite subsequent snows.  Often, coming or going at odd hours, I’d be alone, but even in a crowd, I wondered if someone else derived as much encouragement from seeing those flowers bloom.  This project touched me from the first I heard of it.  I am not an artist, but believe in art and its power to communicate on a spirit level.  I also know the power of communication between strangers.”

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