Sweater #199

Placed among a hat that was left behind and a hanger for coats, this sweater is hanging out at a hair cut place serving the lower east side of Phoenix.  It seemed that the hooks were calling out to the sweater as it was placed adjacent to this forlorn hat that might not ever be claimed again.  Maybe the hat and the sweater will remain in this position for days or weeks and then finally end up in the thrift pile?  Who knows.  But, as earlier postings of sweaters in hair salons have taken place, I wanted to emphasize the luxury of being able to attend to such details that we often take for granted that might be more difficult to obtain as homeless person or even one who is struggling to provide family members with proper shelter and nourishment.  In any case, at least these two objects can keep each other company!

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Filed under Found Objects, Homelessness

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