Sweater #202

This ended up being hilarious as I was attracted to the info kiosks on campus (on which I had placed a sweater earlier last semester), and wanted to see if I could place it on this specific site as it had been wrapped in caution tape.  When I came by the next time to place the sweater, the caution tape was removed and these promotional posters of Sheriff Joe Arpaio was plastered all over the kiosk.  I searched for a place to tuck the sweater between flyers or under some tape that was accessible and ended up placing it here.  It was completely by coincidence that it ended up underneath the personalized “graffiti” written on the poster.  I was focused on capturing the “tent city” portion of the flyer and didn’t notice the hot pink lettering until I had already walked away.  Well, let’s just say I contributed to this conversation some how.  I am wondering who did show up to his talk as most people on campus really despise Sheriff Joe.  And to think he will continue to argue for placing more people in overcrowded jails at the cost of $30K per year to tax payers during state budget cuts to education is mind boggling.  Maybe, just maybe, if people are educated and had support from the beginning of life within their communities, they wouldn’t end up being a costly burden to our societal health.  But what do I know.  I am just an artist with a crazy idea that each individual can make a difference in one’s community, no matter how small.

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Filed under Education, Found Objects

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