Sweater #204

The library is a great place for disbursement of information and I looked for a community message boar that might provide the ideal place for the sweater.  However, I was unable to really find anything suitable except this shelf for brochures from various city groups and private interests.  But, I did find this brochure regarding easy transit between the southern border between the U.S. and Mexico and while I know this is directed to the citizens who have access to easy entry and exit procedures, it did remind me of the myriad of issues surrounding the border lately.  The high crime and murder rate has sky rocketed due to the drug cartels and the insatiable appetite that illegal drugs create.  Unfortunately, there are no borders for people seeking out these drugs and the wealth that can be procured from them.  And, as we are all too aware, narcotics (both legal and illegal) can also be an influential factor in family instability which can also contribute to a person’s inability to maintain functional housing. While this is not the main reason homelessness occurs (and is sometimes an over-rated stereotype of homeless individuals), it is a problem that has to be dealt with for the safety of our borders, the people who live on the other side of the border and the families who are intertwined with the messiness of it all.

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