Sweater #215

Spending time in a certain locale for any length of time allows you to really get to know a place.  As I am working on a public art project commissioned by Scottsdale Public Art, I am spending a lot of time in Old Town Scottsdale, AZ where I am spinning, knitting and interacting with the public in a variety of manners.  To find out more about this project, check out the link for This Much I Know.  In any case, as I am spending a good part of my day in a store front space, I am in need of a walking break.  As I was wondering the streets of 5th Ave and Marshall Way, I came across a public bathroom squeezed in between a ton of shops catering to the tourist from other parts of the world and I couldn’t resist placing a sweater here.  It just seemed like the perfect niche for such a small object.

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Filed under Art, Found Objects, Public sites

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