Sweater #220


Sweater #220 was placed at the corner of 5th Ave and Marshall Way in Old Town Scottsdale. Adjacent to a high end clothing boutique and a relaxing wine bar, this sweater made a nice little adornment on top of the ubiquitous concrete picnic tables that are found all over the country.  This particular corner also is the site for tourist attractions including a trolley and a public sculpture placed in the middle of a fountain at the juncture of these two streets.  In addition to the great location, the image here presents two great ideas:  recycling and assisting those who struggle with homelessness. A news article on NPR yesterday confirmed the difficulty of identifying homeless numbers as many are undocumented due to the fact that families may be doubling up and others who do not seek shelter of any kind.  As the days get hotter here in the desert, finding shelter becomes crucial as there can be a marked difference in temperature from the sun to the shade.  And speaking of shade, this sweater happens to be placed where a shade umbrella would be normally located. Fortunately, by the end of the evening the sweater was gone, so it doesn’t have to worry about the intensity of the sun’s impact unlike others who I have seen walking the streets lately.


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Filed under Found Objects, Homelessness

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