Sweater #223

Finding message  boards in unusual places is now my focus when traveling. In the age of digital messaging what with Facebook, Twitter, and hand held devices, it would seem that the hard, 3D version would be outdated, yet, here they are in true form.  This sweater was placed at a gas station in Tuba City, AZ. While a lot of travelers use this stop along the way from the 4 corners area, locals also use this as a central meeting point for food and conversation. This particular stop also boasted several Native American stands of hand-crafts that appeal to the tourist shopper. As you can see, there are a ton of hand made messages, announcements and information posted on the wall. In an area that is quite sparsely populated compared to the urban hotspots of the nation, this board show how vibrant even the tiniest community can be. Hopefully, this is just one more colorful contribution that will draw people’s attention.

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Filed under Found Objects, Public sites

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