Sweater #226

Placed on a bench in a populated communal area of Boulder, CO, this sweater will hopefully be found by someone who is generous with either their time or funds to support the cause.  The plaza space was filled with musicians at every step as people milled around grazing the consumer choices of the day.  While Boulder is known for their down to earth life style, I couldn’t help but be reminded of other areas of the country.  The aesthetic cultural taste of various segments of our collective population never ceases to amaze me, and Boulder definitely lived up to it’s intellectual environmentally friendly standards of tie dye t-shirt shops, fuel efficient cars, bike paths, and socially acceptable chain stores. It’s ironic, too, that like the other parts of the country that this town resembles, it seems to be only available to the select few who can afford the high cost of such living.  Home prices here, unlike other parts of the country, still remain vibrant and offer little options to those who are of less means.  But, I am sure in such a progressive society, there are affordable housing options available to those willing to search them out.

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