Sweater #227

The image here highlights a unique part of American history.  Located in Nebraska along I-80, this is the path that many settlers made along the Oregon Trail until the advent of the inter-continental trains in 1865.  This site commemorates the wagon ruts made into the ground as all of the travelers had to pass this way to avoid the bluffs at the nearby Platte River.  Apparently, settlers traveled anywhere from 8-15 miles per day and the journey would take them approximately 6 months from one end of the trail to the other.  Of course, many did not make it, but those who did were probably rewarded by living still a very difficult meager existence of harvesting the fruits of the land and avoiding battles with local Native American tribes upon whose land they were encroaching.  The idea of homesteading might have seemed romantic, but in actuality was full of danger and insecurity. Compared to our present day life styles of financial insecurity, this adventure was not for the faint of heart and reminded me of how fortunate I am for traveling this distance down the highway at 75 m.p.h. in an air-conditioned car.

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