Sweater #228

The pay phone is like many things in the U.S. that is slowly fading into the past with the development of modern technology.  And, yet, it still is ever present at such locations at rest stops since the road trip is about as ubiquitous as apple pie in this country.  As I traveled this weekend, I couldn’t help notice the throngs of people making their pilgrimage across the country in search for either a destination or an experience.  I also couldn’t help to ponder what the truly nomadic lifestyle that the road trip offers with being able to stop whenever, wherever and however one wants.  What would it be like to travel without a destination, without being centered by place, location or structure?  Would it seem as appealing to escape when you have nothing to return to? For those that have no connections, no one to call, does the pay phone have any purpose, or is it just a relic of something that used to be.

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