Sweater #234

Along a busy path of shoppers and errand runners, this sweater was placed in a prominent location underneath the viaduct for the mass transit system in the Evanston area.  The entire area was flooded with these sweaters during the day as I meandered one place after another looking for interesting destinations for these items.  Hopefully they found a home prior to the the torrential rain storms that followed a couple of days later!  One of the most exciting things of an urban environment is the layered colors, textures and marks found on walls, posts, sidewalks, and homes.  This surface layering is the visual history of a place that accrues over a period of time and not only blends into the background but comprises its identification.  Unfortunately, it is easy for many things to fade into the background including human welfare issues that face many individuals.  By placing a physical marker, or identifier, this project aims to highlight some of these concerns of inequality facing individuals without proper shelter.

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Filed under Art, Found Objects, Subversive

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