Sweater #239

I have traveled through Nebraska on many occasions but have never had the pleasure of visiting the International Quilt Museum and Study Center at the University of Nebraska.  Seeing as I am in the field of textiles, it is a mecca for one who appreciates the hand made well crafted artistically designed item.  For anyone who has not gone, I highly recommend taking time out of any travel schedule to stop in Lincoln, NE to visit the museum.  One will definitely be inspired by the well thought out architectual references to quilting, including the eye of the needle used as the motif for the entire building to the stitches of the quilt found in the windows, it is a uniquely wonderful experience.  The sweater here was placed in the storage cubbies at the entrance of the building and will hopefully inspire those interested in the hand made to joining the crusade of knitting and placing these sweaters of awareness throughout their community.

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Filed under Architecture, Art, Found Objects, Knitting

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