Sweater #241

This sweater was posted in a tiny Super 8 motel near Idaho Springs, CO. Unable to camp in completely drenched camping gear due to a heavy storm, we were forced to find shelter along the highway route of the Rockies. As the state’s name implies, this sweater denotes the multi-faceted colors of the environment including canyons, rivers, trees and fields that adorn this beautiful landscape.  This particular portion of Colorado is just on the outskirts of tourist havens who are dependent upon the skiing season of winter and hiking season of summer to provide a sustainable economy. As we drove by the multitude of get-a-ways, condos and seasonal homes, I couldn’t help but to imagine the life of someone living in these communities year round. I also wondered if these communities are similar to the community in which I belong–one that is full of transients of all sorts whether from across national, state, and county borders. In such an environment, what makes people feel grounded? I would imagine a sense of place, more than any thing else would be the key.

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