Sweater #243

After many days on a long road trip of camping across country, we were in need of a laundromat.  This seemed like a great spot to place sweater #243, especially below the sign calling all artists and crafters and next to the sign posting of guns for sale.  Truly, American.  In what other country would you wander into a public place and see these two divergent interests posted on the board?  The previous night, we happened to be camping next to two Canadian motorcyclists and commenting on the differences of our two similar but very different nations.  This just seemed to highlight some of Americana absurdity that makes our legend live on.  While there, I also had the opportunity to interact with a local school age girl who brought me back to the memories of sitting for endless hours in a laundromat that looked very much like this one during my own child hood. As an adult with the convenience of a washer and dryer in my own home, I often feel like I am one of those new fangled house wives with all the modern conveniences touted by corporate America and promoted through print media in the ’50’s.  It is very interesting to think that there are still so many people who live in our own back yard without such useful devices as refrigerators, stoves and washer and dryers, especially since our media tells us otherwise.

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