Sweater #244

Placed in Tuba City Arizona, right next to a museum dedicated to the Navajo way of life and community, this sweater seemed really poignant as the surrounding area is completely devastated by a struggling economy–one that existed way before the housing crash in which we are currently mired.  The number of homes that were abandoned and boarded up was completely depressing.  On top of that, wandering abandoned horses were roaming the streets.  While I have seen abandoned dogs and cats, I have never encountered horses.  As an equine aficionado and caregiver of horses myself, it was hard to leave them behind as I crept thru town in the comfort of an air-conditioned vehicle on the hot dusty July afternoon.  Yet, this museum, dedicated to the wonderful attributes that this native culture continues to promote throughout tourism and cultural practices seemed quite at odds with its environment.  In a way, the placement of this sweater was in commemoration or remembrance of this disparate view that we all promote: one of good fortune and respect for ourselves while underneath the veneer lurks the reality that we as a people all struggle and suffer.  It is these important cultural practices that seem to add meaning to our life and connect us in this fabric of life. Even if it means we have to cultivate it and keep it alive for tourist demands.

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