Sweater #246

On a much happier occasion of questioning home and place, sweater #246 was placed at the home and dye/art studio of Jane Hoffman in Blue River in the northeast section of AZ.  Nestled in a very remote section of land in the national forest, her home is also the site of a wonderful retreat location for environmental enthusiasts and artists alike.  I was fortunate enough to have stayed in one of the AirStream trailers and couldn’t resist placing a sweater.  As Jane and her husband Don often hosts guests from around the world, it’s anybody’s guess as to who will find this guy.  Nestled among the collection of items here, I immediately thought of the beautiful Dutch still lifes, or vanitas as they are commonly referred to in the art world. Often these paintings depict symbols of our vanity and brevity of life, and while I don’t think a cup of pencils and a blue glass vase is equivalent, I do think that the placement of this sweater in a trailer that was popular in the ’60’s and now is on a remote landscape is enough to make one pause about the unique qualities of historical objects. A fellow colleague who was also staying with us this weekend commented upon the vivid memories of her grand parents trailer and sleeping between 2 adults on a full size bed in the back room. Where we sleep, find respite and repose is very much a part of our life, despite its brevity and as such demands a sweater to symbolize this pondering.

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