Sweater #248

En route to New York for a conference, I had a stash of sweaters that I was hoping to place around the country.  Arriving in Chicago O’Hare airport with a 2 hour delay offered me the luxury of eating a sumptuous lunch at Wolfgang Puck restaurant and I felt compelled to leave a sweater behind. Serving as more of a benevolent gesture of gratitude that I could afford the luxury, the sweater will hopefully remind the finder that many can’t.  Also, what a nice surprise for any unsuspecting wait staff who might also appreciate customers who think beyond their own desires. I remember not so fondly the days of being a struggling art student surrounded by privileged students who could afford lunch every day of the week while I was working 30-40 hours per week and taking 18 credit hours and only had the ability of providing for one meal a day for myself.  Reflecting upon such experiences may seem trivial in comparison to fellow neighbors who might be struggling with such issues daily, but it does make me thankful for what I do have.

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