Sweaters #251, #252, #253

I had the wonderful opportunity to speak to a group of 6th grade students in Manhattan a short time ago, and while I was telling them about the art of spinning, weaving, knitting and so forth, I pulled out one of these sweaters.  They were over joyed at the site of them and wanted to know where I was going to place the little guys.  Totally comprehending the project, a few students even promised to try and convince one of their parents to knit and participate.  So, I decided to have them help me in placing the sweaters around their school.  They had a blast as they were deciding which ones to put where and who might find them.  Of course, they were also scoping out the crowd as they wanted to be the ones to collect the sweater at the end of student pick-up.  I love seeing the overwhelming enthusiasm that kids bring to a project.  It is the same enthusiasm I have when I am in the studio teaching new students how to weave.  If only we could all share that enthusiasm for everything we do that is important to our community’s well being!

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