Sweater #254

Walking along 7th Ave., just north of  14th St., I found this great niche to place sweater #254.  The window next to the sweater (just out of view) offers a view of modern furniture that would make any dweller envious.  Additionally, the building is an interesting use of reclamation as it probably once served as a bank or other financially related institution, what with its iconic neo-classically inspired pillars.  So, in hopes that the people who stop to gaze into the windows will also glance a little to the north and spot this little sweater, I crossed the street and watched for a bit as pedestrians walked by the window. While some people did stop to look at the store windows, I am not sure any one actually saw the sweater. Or if they did, they left it there thinking they shouldn’t take it.  Another reason for placing the sweater in this location was in hopes that one of the 6th grade students I visited in an earlier school presentation would find it as she gave me landmarks from her walk home.  Either way, it was interesting  to observe for a moment people’s reactions to the “unseen” sweater, and think about how so many things in our environment are often overlooked.

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