Sweater #255

Okay, so some sweaters have already been placed upon the numerous public sculptures of Robert Indiana entitled LOVE, one in Philadelphia and one in Scottsdale, AZ.  But I couldn’t resist working on adding to the collection.  So, when I came across this sculpture on my way to Museum of Modern Art in New York, I jumped at the chance to place the sweater.  The corner was busy and one of the bagel cart guys was busy selling his warm toasty products on a chilly afternoon as I placed the sweater on the “back” side of the sculpture.  While I was photographing one side, tourists were photographing the other side, posing in front of the sculpture.  Maybe I have been working on this project too long, but I couldn’t help but think how a city’s problems are always hidden away from the tourist industry, but still very much a part of a place.  I also struck up a conversation with the street vendor about the project and he seemed genuinely impressed with the concept.  Not sure he would have said the same thing about some of the work in MoMA down the street.

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