Sweater #258

Autumn in New York. Famous song by one of my favorite singers and one I couldn’t help but sing in my head as I wandered through Central Park on a perfectly chilly cloudy afternoon.  The park always seems as if it was designed by Disney as a theme park for the city with the boulders popping out of idyllic water ponds and meandering paths that lead you through the center portion of the city. Knowing full well that this park’s design not only was extremely original in it’s day but also inspired city planners to incorporate more green space into the massive industrialization of many cities, makes me appreciate this space all the more. And of course, parks are for everyone. The democratic environment of the park is one of my favorite things to explore.  Prior to placing the sweater, I sat at a bench spinning silk from a drop spindle for my hostess as token of my appreciation. I was also curious to see if anyone would interact with me as I spun away. Finally, just as my hands were starting to burn from the chill in the air, a woman from Napal came by and chatted away with me about how women in her country spin their yarns. It was a great to hear her talk about her 14 years of living in various parts of the U.S. and how she really loves living in New York. Yes, autumn in New York is a great time of year.

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