Sweater #259

Brooklyn boasts of great community gardens that provide fresh grown organic produce to local folks and this is where I decided to place one of them Saturday morning.  The small green space, formerly a vacant lot, was turned into a park and garden spot serving local families with the need to connect with our agrarian roots.  In contrast to the cement towers just over the river, this area felt incredibly more open and inviting as a neighborhood for families and just plain out living. Of course, urbanites who are attracted to the cement towers may take offense, and I happen to be one who enjoys both perspectives, but it was great to see how people all over the country are exploring urban and suburban environments that in the past were just left for decay.  Similar programs exist in Phoenix AZ and the surrounding areas. I have also heard of residents of Detroit claiming back the space utilizing vacant lots for food production.  When we start to think about the needs of our community, it only enriches all of us. In that vein, this seemed like an ideal location for a little sweater.

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