Sweater #261

The times are a changing, as the Bob Dylan song goes, and along with it a revolution of the middle class. Occupy Wall Street is now a national movement and it is great to see how collective action can best be represented through visual monuments such as this.  Just down the street from the park where protesters have made themselves at home, was this amazing moving van.  On so many levels, this just seemed the apropos location for a sweater. The moving van in itself is a great metaphor for the current state of our housing crisis that still is stalled by banks unwilling to mortgage down liens that could be paid by hardworking individuals. The amazing art work adorning the van just proves that art has a place in the public sphere and can also serve to motivate people to action.  And, finally, the location of the sweater on the gas tank is definitely intentional as it comments not only on the environmental impact we have on this earth, but also the cost of such commodities and how they influence our spending habits, if in fact you happen to be one of the lucky blokes working for the standard middle class wages that pale in comparison to executive pay of the top CEO’s in our country. Kudos to the artist who painted this work of art!

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Filed under Art, Found Objects, Subversive

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