Sweater #262

The Occupy Movement is sweeping across America as people are getting fed up with the monetary inequities of our capitalist structure. Tax rates for the rich our lower than ever and are starting to mimic medieval taxation. I, for one, feel like a peasant when compared to the likes of any CEO who is bringing in 20 times my annual salary, before any perks or bonuses, and is yet taxed at a 17% rate while I am being taxed at a 33% rate. After reflection, I realized that my family is really subsisting at below the poverty level if you divide our family of 5 by my annual salary. No wonder it is so difficult to save money for retirement, college, or even to purchase a home, car, etc. And I am one of the lucky folks out there with a steady consistent income during this trying economic climate! What is wrong with this picture? Are we all consumed with greed? And we are continuously fed the image of ostentatious wealth with insipid television reality drama of people like Karen Kardashian. What would a reality t.v. show of a family struggling to provide food, shelter, and health care look like? Oh, that’s right, they did that show. It was called Good Times because as we all know, only minorities suffer the wonderful togetherness that poverty provides. Never mind that food pantries are struggling across the country this year due to loss of federal dollars. It’s more important that big business and Wall Street get theirs first. I guess we will get the scraps. Oh, and if reading this post makes you as irate as it makes me writing it, may I suggest writing to your congressman to change our tax codes to reflect  a greater equality among us all?

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Filed under Activism, Found Objects, Homelessness

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