Sweaters #263 & 264










With all the commotion around Zucotti Park and the Occupy Wall Street movement at the moment, I think it appropriate to post these two sweaters which were placed in October throughout the tent commune.  It seemed that a few individuals present were actively engaging with the public in making positive change to our community and others that seemed to be the transient twenty-somethings that rome the college towns of America. We spoke with one gentleman on the subway who works in an adjacent building and he recounted how a cynical co-worker looked down with distaste to the protesters early in the movement. This gentleman urged his co-worker to go down and see what the protest was about and two weeks later, this same cynic is now actively working in his district to make a difference. Now that the encampment no longer exists, I wonder where the sweaters traveled, if anywhere of significance. One sweater was placed where donated clothing was being collected to serve the small commune and the other sweater was placed at a make-shift table of art made from found objects. As the Occupy movement gains fury and makes more demands upon the elite, it will be interesting to see how this fuels our upcoming elections. In their attempt to block traders on Wall Street, 50-60 arrests have been made as of this morning according to the New York times. With this type of rage, I do hope that compromise can be achieved to best serve the populace rather than the tiny minority of wealthy individuals. But of course, people have to make themselves heard which means writing to our representatives and demanding that they represent us, not corporations.

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