Sweater #266

Local places that I frequent are favorite spots for me to place these sweaters. This location is just down the street from me and I usually ride my bicycle there when picking up smaller items that are easily transported by the handy basket on the front of the bike. As this store provides me the choice of not participating in a conglomerate of grocery chains, I try to frequent it often. And the reality is that with a family of five, I end up there almost daily. Because of that, and because I know my fellow community members also frequent this location, I posted a sweater on the communal announcement board which I notice are popping up all over the place, despite the electronic methods that most of us use to communicate, announce and proclaim (such as this blog site). I will most likely be re-posting sweaters there throughout the holiday season as I complete my goal of 365 sweaters by the end of the year that is quickly approaching. So, if you happen to follow the blog, and want a sweater, check the Fresh & Easy store at the corner of Day St. and Ray Rd. and you might be lucky enough to find it before someone else!

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