Sweater #268

On the way to an event in downtown Phoenix, I was awaiting the train and decided to place a sweater at a rather busy stop that serves students and professionals. As many who live in urban areas already know, many folks who don’t have adequate housing often spend hours on public transit in order to stay warm/cool or just have something to do. Phoenix is not unlike any other city, except that the comments I hear from those who may have concerns about riding the public transit always relay anxiety about having to possibly interact with people who may struggle with mental illness or access to affordable care. Phoenix is still a relatively young city and it is interesting to hear these comments as they seem to differ in those stories told by other public transit riders in Chicago or New York who thrive in telling colleagues about interesting interactions with fellow passengers (some of which I have heard first hand and are sometimes difficult to hear). But in hopes that enlightenment will happen and people will not be afraid of interacting with one another in the near future, this sweater is a reminder that people do exist who need a village to support themselves.

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