Sweater #269

The state fair. A place where the absurd thrives and has a home. Where people shell out money to see the freaks, geeks and eat anything that can be placed on a stick and deep fried. I had to place a sweater here to honor my love of the base human need for entertainment and enrichment of all kinds. And while our favorite hang out spots always tends to be where the animals are, it is quite a site to see the fairgrounds light up at night with the neon signs that promise excitement and thrills. Just prior to sunset, I placed this sweater in the middle of the grounds where people might meander and determine which direction to go next. It seemed like such a great intersection of food, rides and thrills. And, quite possibly, I am sure the sweater did not result in any monetary advancement towards the cause, but maybe it addressed the issue of impermanence of humanity as by the end of the week, the fair was no more. It is now back to the black pavement and empty lots it once was. Until next October.

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