Sweater #270

While traveling to the San Diego area to purchase two adorable angora rabbits, Emma and Pippa, I found a local yarn store, Two Sisters and Ewe, and stopped by to drop off a sweater for inspiration. It turned out that the owner of the store had lived in Phoenix for some time and we got to chat about the days when the airport had only one terminal, how you had to de-plane right onto the runway and how it has grown since. As with most things that change, it can be difficult to experience changes, especially when they seem to happen so quickly. Take for instance the housing market that still remains unsteady, with homes still selling far below the market value of even two years ago. Many of the new homes that have been built in the Phoenix metro area since the population boom in the nineties seem to now be shells of structures that are vacated serving as memories of hopes, dreams and despair. But, like many cycles, this social and economic circle of life will probably be repeated–maybe not for a 100 years or so–but it will repeat itself as cities and towns across the country experience population booms and busts. Only, hopefully, we can learn from such experiences and create stronger community networks in which to support those who inadvertently become entangled with corporate profit margins and expectations.

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