Sweaters #272-282

Last Saturday, Bragg’s Pie Factory hosted the annual Phoenix Craft Rave. In it’s second year, the Craft Rave provides an opportunity for the community to gather and make wonderfully delightful projects in a short period of time at an amazing price. Cyndi Coon, the event organizer, did an amazing job at orchestrating the entire affair, gaining community support from local vendors and providing an exciting creative atmosphere.

I felt that it was an ideal place to interact with visitors who approached the display of tiny sweaters. The evening managed to be fruitful in gaining almost $50 in donations for the National Coalition for the Homeless, and I am hoping that amount will only grow as people give out their sweaters to friends and loved ones as gifts this holiday season.

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  1. Seeing all these tiny sweaters together in one shot reminds us of the great work you are doing to raise awareness! Thanks for continuing this amazing project, and raising much needed funds for the National Coalition!! Happy Holidays!

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