Sweaters #283-287

Taking advantage of the holiday season, I am trying to make the rounds to places that might seem a little out of the ordinary for interacting with people about the project and discussing community based arts practice. One of which is a wonderful church group of mothers who gathered last Monday to share festive cookies, ornaments and their stories. I, of course, brought a sweater as an ornament for exchange, and talked about the motivation behind the project. Often, I think we separate or compartmentalize ourselves too much, and while I felt a bit uncomfortable presenting this project to a new group of women whom I was just meeting for the first time in such a unique setting, this opportunity gave me the chance to share a bit of who I am when I am not a mother, wife, teacher, etc.

And, of course, as it was a church group, some women were delighted to have the opportunity to participate in something that gave back to the community and promised that not only would they donate to the National Coalition for the Homeless, but so would the receiver of the sweaters.So, all in all, while it was not in stealth that I presented these sweaters, nor in a more traditional market place structure, it seems that the concept carried through successfully to this intimate social gathering.

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