Sweater #289 & 290

Staying in a hotel always makes me think about other’s  perceptions of a home environment. In a commercialized and institutionalized structure as hotels and hospitals, there are common things that adorn the walls or rooms that appeal to our sense of comfort. The fireplace in the common area of the hotel here and the ice bucket in the room are two things I don’t have in my house but appear in my romantic views of an idyllic home. Okay, maybe the ice bucket wouldn’t be plastic, but you get the point. In addition, I would most certainly have someone clean up after me so that I could spend more time making more things (like these sweaters). But, alas, I am not of that monetary means, so I remain mindful of those whose daily struggle entails much more than I to sustain themselves. And, hoping that the woman who cleaned our room appreciates the gift that was next to the sweater as well since I couldn’t take it on the return flight home.

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