Sweater #291

This sweater was placed at my home town post office in Cross Anchor SC where I vividly remember sending off my college scholarship application to the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. It was a moment where I was taking charge of my life and taking a direction in which I have followed for many years. Reflecting back, I think about how important this decision was and how it has impacted my life both in my career and personal development as an artist. The post office itself hasn’t changed at all. Some of the neighboring houses have deteriorated or have become vacant and are left in ruin while others have been spruced up and have witnessed a fresh new coat of paint. Issues of rural poverty also come to mind as I drive by familiar landmarks as I think of how many rural Americans face dilemmas outlined by such organizations as the National Coalition for the Homeless but are not often identified within these communities. The great thing about many rural communities though, is that the barter system is alive and well, which sometimes makes life way more richer in the long run.

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