Sweaters #298-315

On the eve of one of the most commonly celebrated events in Christianity, 18 sweaters were placed at 18 different churches throughout the valley. Since the Christmas story is one about looking for shelter for an expectant mother having been turned down by everyone except an inn keeper who can only provide the comforts of a barn, it seemed fitting to post these sweaters at churches. The Gospel is full of stories that tell us to be mindful of the people within our midst who fall into the “marginal” portion of our collective and not to focus on the rules, laws and customs within a religious practice in order to appease God. On this day, I am hoping that those who find these sweaters will think of the people who are not related to us, within our circle of friends or acquaintances, and might not be the people we would even necessarily want to talk to but who need our help. Remembering the hope that Christmas brings to us–birth, hope, and something other than ourselves–that’s what we should be celebrating this season.

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Filed under Found Objects, Homelessness

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