Sweaters #327-329

For the longest time I have wanted to place a sweater at a model home furnished by IKEA in a giant parking lot that serves both IKEA and several stores opposite of the store. It is a very peculiar setting to see this house smack in the middle of the parking lot. Then, when you enter the home, a peculiar array of sales people are sitting around, waiting for any interaction. And, finally, during a recession caused primarily by the housing market, it seems extremely strange to see this development promote its amenities while the state of AZ is one of the hardest hit with foreclosures flooding the current market price. After inquiring about price of various locations, it is obvious that this factor has affected the pricing structure since the homes are much more reasonably priced than if they had been built six years ago. Once inside the extremely large home, it’s hard not to get excited about the possibility of living in such luxury. I couldn’t help but think of the number of families that could live inside this home without being overcrowded. Only in America could you sell homes that haven’t been built yet while others can’t even be written off the bank’s books.

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