ARTivention is a community arts collaboration between the artist and the public that exists outside the traditional art economy of the gallery/museum. Working in conjunction with the audience,  ARTivention’s goal is to highlight the original purpose of art: expression and communication.   Prior and current projects orchestrated by ARTivention include Care Packages and Commune-ique. For more information on either of those projects please click on the link titled More Project Info.

Found Objects is the current project of ARTivention. The first of 365 hand-knit miniature sweaters was placed in Albuquerque, New Mexico on May 5, 2010 launching an on-going collaborative project. Since the inception of the project, sweaters have been prominently placed in public areas across the United States. Attached to each sweater is a tag that asks the finders and collectors of these publicly placed sweaters to make a monetary contribution to the National Coalition for the Homeless. American cultural models of conspicuous consumption contrasts sharply with the reality that many Americans experience. Spurred by the current economic crisis in the U.S. that resulted from the high risk lending that ravaged the housing sector, the issue of homelessness has taken on new meaning as many Americans are forced to find alternative living arrangements. Economic conditions have redefined homelessness. No longer the domain of street people, average wage earners now find themselves increasingly among the ranks of the displaced. Additionally, Found Objects questions standard norms of visual economies such as those found in the system of art commodification including the current practice of selling, purchasing and collecting art for art’s sake.   By placing art objects outside the normal system of the art market, Found Objects relies upon the finder to determine the value of the object rather than an elite cadre of art specialists.  The result of this action is the production of art that has cultural relevance and visual significance that reflects the society in which it was created.


2 responses to “About

  1. cindy

    I found a sweater today, donated. Of course you started in ABQ! GREAT city for artists with a message! How do I get involved? Is there a pattern for the sweaters?

    • Thanks for writing! Glad you were able to donate and want to contribute further in the project. I do have a pattern that I will email to you, but you can also create your own miniature sweater pattern and use one of the project labels which I could send your way. Can’t wait to see the creative response.

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